The Monte Carlo Scene (MCScene) is a high fidelity model for hyperspectral image (HSI) simulations at shortwave infrared, visible, and ultraviolet wavelengths. It models fully three-dimensional environments using a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo approach.

It includes a treatment of land and ocean surfaces, three-dimensional terrain, three-dimensional surface objects, and the effects of finite clouds with surface shadowing. Molecular absorption, Rayleigh scattering, aerosol absorption and scattering, multiple scattering, and adjacency effects are all taken into account. More complex processes, such as scattering by and transmission through clouds, and reflections from topographic terrain or three-dimensional faceted objects embedded in the scene are also addressed.

Output scenes are created at a resolution as fine as 1 square meter. Arbitrary solar illumination and viewing conditions are allowed. MCScene output can be utilized for a diverse range of applications including mineral prospecting, environmental and land use monitoring, and military surveillance and reconnaissance.

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